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Hi Rainer and Ingrid,

Just wanted to give you a knee update.  I had an appointment with the Surgeon in Kamloops on May22nd.  X-Rays were taken and when the Surgeon came into the room he was just smiling from ear to ear, and he is not an expressive kind of person.

Told me that my x-rays were EXCELLENT, and I almost thought he was going to hug me.  He was so pleased and I do not have to see him again.

I told the Dr. about the work that you did and Aqua fit and he said that without you and your guidance just staying at the Hospital Physio I would not have the results that he saw.

I am still keeping up the work on the knee and the stationary bike.  I no longer have to hang my butt off the bike seat, which is a good thing because every thought I was going to "pass wind" in that position.  And I am still going to Aqua fit classes twice a week.

Thank you again Rainer for your perseverance, encouragement and advice.

Pat Schwartz and her Knee.


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