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Acupoint-Massage acc. to Penzel / Body Energy Treatment Course

Acupoint-Massage acc. to Penzel Course / Body Energy Treatment:

Course A: 
4-day course daily 8:30am - 5:30pm at the Hills & Health Guest Ranch, 108 Mile Ranch 
- 24 credits $750.00 CDN
- Course date on request and a minimum of 4 participants! 

Course contents of the ACUPOINT-MASSAGE acc. to Penzel (human training) are described below.

A-COURSE (40 hours)
* Introduction to the bases of the energy
* Tasks and topography of the Meridians
* Energy finding collection
* Tension-equalization-massage in theory and practice
* Physical therapy from energetic view

B-COURSE (40 hours)
* Topography and function of the most important energetic points of control in theory and practice
* Energetic rules
* Extended energetic finding collection
* Perturbative field scar
* Relaxation therapy of YIN lines
* Pregnancy support and birth preparation
* Energetic joint treatment

C-COURSE (40 hours)
* Energetic-physiological concept of the spinal column therapy
* Energy findings with the vascular autonomous signal
* Cross intestine leg joints (KDG), meaning and treatment
* Eddy joints, meaning and treatments
* Mental aspects of the joints therapy
* Therapy with agreement and points of alarm
* Mobilize from physiological and energetic view

D-COURSE (40 hours)
* Fundamental ideas of the five-element teaching
* Fundamental ideas of the pulse diagnostics
* Finding collection of the Meridians and organs over the cap
* APM-therapy over the cap
* Therapy control of the cap
* Foreign energy as flanking measure
* Low-frequency therapy stream and energetic

* Introduction to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
* Physiological meaning of the 5 transformation phases wood, fire, earth, metal, water
* Accompanying employment of foreign energy such as moxa and cupping in theory   and practice
* Stimulation of the classical command points with moxa and cupping
* Effect and preparation from food to that 5-element teachings
* Introduction to the 8 exercises to the therapy support
* Breath technology and Qi-gong
* Extended energetic finding collection with that pulse and tongue diagnosis
© 2008 Copyright by Rainer and Ingrid Meyer